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Australia is gifted with a lot of tourist attractions. From Sydney’s Opera house to the may resorts and beaches to it’s flora and fauna and the famous koala and kangaroo. It’s diverse environment make living in Australia fun and exciting. If you are backpacking or visiting Australia for a vacation, it would be the best destination, especially if you are from nearby areas such as New Zealand and in Asia.

When you plan on traveling to Australia, don’t forget to drop by Hobart – one of the major cities in Australia. There are many things that you can do while spending your time here. You can visit a lot of places such as the Salamanca Market or Mount Field National Park. Hobart may be a little secluded from mainland Australia but it sure is a great experience to see the other side of Australia.


Hobart is filled with attractions and tourist sites that you can feast your eyes on but there is another attraction that brings many tourists not only in Hobart but in all of Australia. In case you don’t know, the country has fully legalized the adult entertainment business down south. As the sun sets down, you can see the red light district fill up with colors as they welcome their patrons to their arms.

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